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We have a recent feature about Organic Avenue that recently ran on E! News.

This fabulous clip includes some top names in the entertainment industry who say they believe in Organic Avenue and their amazing cleansing products.

Gwyneth Paltrow told E! News – that she was only too happy to support Organic Avenue and those amazing cold pressed juices.


Did you know Organic Avenue is on location at Fashion Week in New York City?  Organic Avenue’s cold pressed juices are a hit at this year’s fashion week.

Check out the Pop Up Juice Bar menu on location at the Alice Tully Hall, part of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

Mindfully 21 is known for their modern take on healthy living and maintaining a conscious balance. That’s why they sat down for a close and personal interview with Organic Avenue founder, Denise Mari.

Denise opened up her heart and discussed the Organic Avenue brand and mission. The interview gives a fascinating insight into Denise’s quest to deliver the LOVE* – the Live Organic Vegan Experience to all wish to experience it.

Click here to read: Q&A: With Denise Mari

Harper’s Bazaar says Organic Avenue and its “Fashionista” cleanse will be a big hit during Fashion Week (Sep 9th-16th) at Lincoln Center in New York City.

Organic Avenue is already geared up for next week’s fashion extravaganza where cold-pressed juices, soups and smoothies will be flying off the shelves of the on-site juice bar.

Harper’s Bazaar predicts a tremendous LOVE* impact from Organic Avenue during this year’s Fashion Week including, “Frantic, famished fashion editors will rejoice as they run through Alice Tully Hall — delicious juice in hand.”

Read full article here

Late Summer is a Great Time to Detox got into the spirit of the summer cleanse with Organic Avenue’s 5-Day Juice Fast. The dog days of summer and languishing heat inspired Noelle to take the plunge with the LOVE*deep cleanse.

Noelle said she had a fabulous five days, but next time she would prefer to go with the cleanses that combine fresh juices with Organic Avenue’s natural foods. is a site for women that focuses on raw & organic food, detoxes & cleanses, fitness & exercise, recipes & juices and supplements & vitamins.

The Today Show spent the weekend flushing out the truth about the benefits of cleansing.

Keri Glassman was the guest for their cleansing segment as NBC featured a full day of LOVE*easy and LOVE*fast cleanses on the air.

When all was said and done, it was Organic Avenue cleanses that received the highest praises.

The report recognizes Organic Avenue for its wonderful combination of juices and raw food that offer the body the best nutrients needed to enjoy a loving and successful cleanse.

Organic Avenue ready for its Fashion Week Debut

When you have a little bottle that looks this good – it must be on hand for the 2010 Fashion Week.

Apparently, the Restaurant Associates Bar at Lincoln Center decided to make “Organic Avenue Juices” part of their chic offerings during Fashion Week.

According to the stunning fashion website, the Daily Front Row, Organic Avenue will offer working models and fashion influencers the chance to experience a “Fashionista” cleanse.

This is a special cleanse made up of of raw, organic, vegan juices that can be pre-ordered and picked up at the pop-up location.

Click to read Daily Front Row Article

Alanna Zabel, voted “Best Yoga Instructor in LA” by Los Angeles Family Magazine and founder of AZIAM Yoga is always on the go. However, when Alanna decided to kick back and take it easy for just one day – she made Organic Avenue part of her relaxation plan.

Her day of rest was such a success; she wrote a story about it in the Huffington Post called, “The Art of Doing Nothing.

Alanna spent her “day of rest” doing the things she wanted to do – instead of living her life by the clock.

Organic Avenue is honored that part of Alanna’s day of relaxation included a trip to Organic Avenue.

Her conclusion at the end on the day was that fresh food, good friends, warm homes and no stress – is the cornerstone of good health.

Click here for article from Huffington Post

Alicia truly impressed by the Space of Love

Alicia Silverstone says she’s a tremendous fan of Organic Avenue in her amazing blog called The Kind Life.

She says that a chance meeting with Doug Evans from Organic Avenue changed her life forever.

Alicia says the entire Organic Avenue concept is a treasure and she loves to spend time at New York City’s warm and intimate Space of Love.

Here’s a link to take you to Alicia’s: The Kind Life

When Organic Avenue learned that the First Lady, Michelle Obama was a fan of cleansing, they just had to share the LOVE* with her.

Click here to read the article from USA Today.

Of course Organic Avenue couldn’t leave her husband out of the mix – so they offered both of them a Presidential Organic Avenue cleanse of their choice.

Here’s a copy of the letter below from Organic Avenue founder, Denise Mari.